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Designated Inspection Facility

  We are a designated inspection facility that can handle out of province, Uber, Lyft and notice of order tickets. Give us a call to see how we can help.

Vehicle Inspection

We have been using digital inspections to communicate with our customers since 2017. When your vehicle is in the shop we will send you pictures of the problem area that need to be addressed via text message. Within the text message there will be a link with pictures for your...

Key Programming

We are now able to program most smart keys and blade keys with immobilizer build in. Please give us a call if you only have one key and wish to have an extra one.

Key Drop Off Mail Slot

For those after hours and early bird drop off, unfortunately the parking lot will be locked, you must park your vehicle on Charles St or Grant St. Walk to the front of the shop, throw keys in mail slot with a note with your name and phone number. We will...

Alignment Check

Alignment check who should be using this service? It is for the customer who is not sure if they need a wheel alignment or not. For the customer who just got a new set of tires from Costco For the customer who wants to make sure their tires will last...

how your car works

Learn About Your Vehicle

Makes of vehicles we service and repair

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Every car has a maintenance schedule that is recommended by the car’s manufacturer. Every make and model will have different maintenance services at different mileage intervals. Examples of a 24,000km service would be oil and filter change, rotate tires, replace air filter, replace cabin filter every 24 months replace brake...

Wheel Alignment

How do you know when you need a wheel alignment? If your steering wheel is off center If you have to hold the wheel to one side to make it go straight If your car is drifting to one side If your tires are wearing unevenly   Get professional wheel...

Engine Repair or Replacement

Todays high tech engines seem to have some major issues with oil leak, for example the Mercedes bluetec, they all seem to have a problem with the oil cooler seal in the middle of the engine, this repair is a major one consist of over 20 little misc parts.     Engine...

Labour Rate / Warranty

We use Mitchell estimating for all jobs. Mitchell is the standard for industry professionals. You can be sure your repairs will not be over estimated. With the power of Mitchell on Demand5, ShopKey Pro and Identifix  we have the technical information to make the repairs faster and easier. All the...

Premium Brands

and many more from our distributors, all parts are warranty for 1 year minimum some have lifetime warranty

Honda & Acura

Honda and Acura service Complete bumper to bumper service for your Honda and Acura Schedule maintenance and repair, new and used parts. Light bulbs to engine swaps B and K series         1991 Acura NSX Old and new Type R EF B18C K20 EK swap EG Civic Race...

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Keep cool during summer, have your air conditioning system checked repaired or recharged. Most vehicles $120

Towing Service

Towing service available please call to arrange for a tow.

Courtesy Car

Courtesy cars are available for our customers at a nominal fee, while the vehicle is being serviced or repaired please inquire for more details.  

Check Engine Light

Today’s vehicles are very complex and need the latest scan tools  for communication to see why the check engine or service engine soon light is illuminated. The scan tool will give us the trouble code and we have to,  refer to our information data to see what the code means...

Tune Up

Is your car running a little rough or not getting the gas mileage like before? You may need a tune up. Tune up generally include spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, distributor cap / rotor, pcv valve, these items do wear out, get plugged over time generally around 20,000kms every...

Timing Belt

Avoid being stranded from a broken timing belt, or even worse engine damage, most manufactures recommends replacing the timing belt at or around 100,000kms. If your not sure when to do the timing belt we can look up what kilometer the manufacture recommends it to be done for your vehicle....


Are you having a hard time shifting into gear? Is your engine rpm going up but your car is not moving? Does it smell like something is burnt? These are all signs that your clutch disc may have worn out and needs replacement, we can do an assessment with a...

Fuel Injection

Fuel injection system maintenance corrects injector spray pattern and improves fuel efficiency and engine performance by removing carbon deposit build-up from the combustion chamber, throttle body, plenum, air-intake system, fuel injectors, and intake valves.

Cooling System

Radiator and cooling system maintenance service will help keep your engine cool and reduce the chances of your vehicle overheating. We will inspect the cooling system and pressure test for leaks, pressure-test the radiator cap, drain/flush the cooling system, and inspect other components including the fan, thermostat, belts, and cooling...


Lights, wipers, power windows, fan motors etc are all parts of the cars electrical system, when any electrical problems occur you can be sure we have the right wiring schematics to diagnose the problem quickly.    

Battery, Alternator and Starter

The battery in your car or truck provides the necessary energy to the starter motor and ignition system, which in turn starts your vehicle’s engine. The battery also powers the vehicle’s electrical system when the engine is not running. When you need a replacement battery for your car or truck,...

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